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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning with the Maine Team

Everywhere you look are the first sure-fire signs of spring in Maine - the "cone zones" are in bloom.  They are popping up everywhere!!!  But, all kidding aside, many of us are feeling the first pangs of spring fever.  Especially with the clocks "springing forward" and the "extra" daylight. 

Generally, all creatures great and small feel a stirring this time of year.  It causes an insatiable desire to "purge the nest" or spring clean!  The etsy Maine Team is no exception and is itching to spring clean as well!

Led by the ever enthusiastic DreaBunny of BunnyBaubles and BunnyBeads many of the team members are having "clearing out the cobwebs" sales and promotions.  For a current list of etsy shops participating in the clear out, check out the Maine Team forum.  Or, you can search Etsy for all items with the "tag"  MaineSpringClean to see all the items included in this fantastic sale at once.  This is your chance to cash in on some EXCITING, FABULOUS and WONDERFUL deals available from this very talented team of shop owners.  Don't miss your opportunity! 

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  1. Spring Cleaning? I like to make myself scarce whenever I hear those words spoken around here.My wife says I somehow always manage to be somewhere else during that time.

    Maybe I should do a bit of spring cleaning in my shops........


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